Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Book Review : Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


Title : Glass Sword

Author : Victoria Aveyard

Genre : YA, Fantasy, Dystopian

Rating : 5 Stars


Before I review the book, I have to review the cover. Like, I need to voice my frustrations even if it’s just to know I am not alone. 

I need to VENT.

So book one was called Red Queen and it had a beautiful three colour scheme which I blubbered on about in my vlog review but will rehash here – the colour scheme beautifully matched the concepts that were explored throughout the book, red and silver for the blood which divides this world. The crown on this cover MADE SENSE, after all, it is called Red Queen.

Book two is called Glass Sword and the cover has another crown of a larger size and more elaborate and yes, its glass BUT the title of the book is Glass Sword! Why is the cover not of a glass sword for heaven’s sake. I suppose you could say the front point of the crown could symbolise a sword – it kinda looks like a sword that’s within the crown – but still, it’s been grating on me since I bought the book. I honestly thought I’d ordered the wrong book or edition or something.

I’m not even kidding, every time I picked this book up and put it back down again, I had to turn the cover upside-down so I didn’t see it. Yes, I know, I have issues. I’m working on it but right now, I just can’t move past this!

Okay, now onto the book.

If your after a none spoilery review, I suggest you leave now. You see, I’m not very good at secrets so if you haven’t read this book yet – toodaloo!

OKAY, big big sigh of relief here after finishing this book. I didn’t realise just how shattered I was over the ending of Red Queen until I started this book. I forced myself to read until I reached a point where I could finally rest easy knowing things would be okay

And when I say okay I mean, as well as things can get considering they’re caught up in a full-blown revolution.

In my vlog I mentioned how harsh I think Mare Barrow is on Cal. I really stand by this decision. In book one, Cal gave her money for trying to steal from him, then gave her a job, protected her secret and treated her the same as any other silver even knowing she was a red. The arena scene just supported all my thoughts about Cal. In book two, Cal followed her into enemy territory, at first forced yes, but in the end it was his decision so 😛 No one can tell me he’s a bad guy! Please, don’t even try me.

I was so relieved to see Mare and Cal slowly reconnect and mend their relationship. But I still felt like there wasn’t enough emotion built into their connection, not enough acknowledgement given to them on their status or meaning to each other which I believe might have been intentional but I felt like it was short-changing them, ripping them off so to speak. I felt like they deserved a break and that one person, to connect and tether them to some form of normality. In the final chapter we did get that validation, thank heavens and I got more than what I asked for. She admitted her feelings towards Cal, even if only to herself. I needed that scene to happen, if that scene didn’t happen I just don’t know if I would have still rated this a five.

I don’t know about you, but can I just say I don’t understand why people have to die all the time for my entertainment! Okay, no I do understand I really do, I just wish authors would stop killing my favs and start killing off the annoying characters or something. Like, do me a favor and come up with some other idea to keep me interested and entertained, I really don’t need people to die for my pleasure….maybe that’s a lie but I’d rather Shade not be gone. 

Victoria, this is a call out to you. Recon you could bring him back to life for me somehow?

I liked Shade and I was NOT expecting his death. I’ve just realised a running theme I’m feeling in this book, I feel bad for everyone, the characters, they’re all getting ripped off. Shade dies saving his sister over something as simple as bad timing and I’ma take a guess and say – close your eyes or move past this sentence if you don’t want any predictions because I’ma go ahead and spoil something I see coming in book three – I’m pretty sure Farley is pregnant.

WHAT ON EARTH. We just got Shade back, how can you give him back and take him away all in the space of 444 pages?! And not even let him meet his baby!

Moving onto Maven. Whoa, where do I even start? What the heck is up with this psycho? I begrudgingly loved Maven in book one, I didn’t want to like him, but we heard and saw so much about him that he kinda grew on me, so his betrayal was a real slap in the face. I really should have known better, it’s happened hundreds of times in books I should have seen it coming but this time I really didn’t. SO, the ending of book one had me falling out my chair in shock and this book had me hurling food from the sidelines. He is very sick and twisted. He needs help, or a bullet. I can’t believe how quickly and dramatically he changed and the notes he leaves for Mare are kinda creepy don’t you think?

I also think it’s sad that Mare still misses the Maven she knew and holds onto those notes like a lifeline or most likely to serve as a reminder that he is evil. It’s really quite heartbreaking to see just how messed up both Mare and Cal have become mentally, not just from the arena and the safe room, but from the notes and messages he leaves behind. And when I say notes and messages I mean both the unspoken messages he sends every time he gets a newblood and the notes he leaves.

I have a confession, is it bad that I’m sort of excited to see more of Maven again in book three? I know he’s evil and done bad things but I can’t wait to see how Mare cope and perhaps I have the same issue’s as Mare and Cal, because I think I miss him too. But that last scene…..


I think the newblood talent that they have recruited is pretty diverse and their skills seem to be more unique than the talents of the silvers. Reds seem to get whatever the get but Silvers have been mentioned to only get the fathers magical ability, so I think that creates a very big advantage to the newbloods. They have variety and opportunity whereas silvers are more stagnant and bound.

It is safe to say, these are only a few of my rambling thoughts. I’m sure if I’d been a good blogger, I would have taken some more notes. But alas, perhaps next time.

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Book Review : Poison Study by Maria V Snyder


Title : Poison Study

Author : Maria V. Snyder

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 5 Stars

I think I need to admit something, I’m a bit of a Maria V. Snyder fan girl, I just don’t know how unbiased I can keep any reviews I do for Snyder. I think whatever I say about this amazing, otherworldly, talent of an author we have been gifted will always be abundantly positive. I just cannot fault anything she does.

I’ve tried to keep an open mind and nitpick her books but I’ve never found a spelling error, a plot hole, a character issue or recycled story-line. Nothing. She is squeaky clean. Perfection with a capital P and perhaps a few !!!@#$#@!!! to emphasize my point just in case nothing else I’ve said has gotten through to you about how much I love her.

I’ll be honest, I read this book about 8 years ago, maybe more or less but it was one of the first few books I ever read. I’ve re-read it many times since and I DO NOT re-read books. Not often. I think the only books I’ve ever re-read and ever will, are Snyder’s and Sarah J. Maas. I guess that goes to show you who and what kind of books I fall in love with.

Okay so more on the actual book, before I keep rambling and praising Snyder until you finally decide to unfollow me.

This is where I hit my spoiler section, I don’t think I’ve spoiled too much but still, if you want to be completely taken by surprise then, leave now.


So when I first read this book I felt like Yelena was the first female heroine of her type. She was empathetic, a victim but still a fighter and someone who got back up and fought her own wars. Somehow her badassness – if you will – did not make her loose any of her character qualities. I found it refreshing to have a female main be a fighter and winner, you see when I first read this book there was no Celaena Sardothien, Yelena was my Celaena! It might be worth mentioning that though they both know or learn how to fight, and both start as prisoners, they are still two very different characters for many reasons. Perhaps I will go into that in more detail one day. But I’ll leave that for another rambling blog post!

What I really enjoyed about this book was the growth and development that the main character went through, from being on death row to being the commanders food taster, learning all the poisons to learning how to fight. I just really found myself engrossed in every page and enjoying learning those new things with Yelena!

We cannot forget Ari and Janco, how two support characters could become such main attractions is beyond me but hey I am not complaining! They are pretty awesome. I love how one is sensible and the other reckless, they bounce off each other perfectly and literally every scene they were in I am pretty sure I was in hysterics.

I think it would be a crime not to mention Valek. The amazingly talented personal assassin and Commanders adviser. I loved everything about this love interest especially the scene with the hay…. You know what I’m talking about. – if you don’t tough because I am SO not going into that territory in my reviews. Yet. It is safe to say that I could not find a character that enthralls me so much as him. Or him and her together! I loved their connection and the way it flowed quite naturally. It was real, not over the top.

Finally, the action in this book is not lacking in any way shape or form. The plot points and highs were all seamlessly thrown into the story. I do not think there was a scene or character in the book that I found needed more work or that I felt was a touch boring.

I’m sure there is SO much more I can say about this book. But for now that’s my praise done. I’ve already read every other book so I’m sure I’ll do reviews on them soon but I will definately need to re-read as it was years and years ago!

If you havent read this book. Do so now. If you have please share with me your favorite parts, or if you dare, point out some shortcomings that I was helplessly blind to. I would love to hear them all! 🙂

xoxo Book Dragon Ash

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Book Review : Storm Siren by Mary Weber


Title : Storm Siren

Author : Mary Weber

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 2 Stars

Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have liked.

I didn’t think that was possible. I’ve never NOT liked a book before. So suffice to say, I’m a little annoyed that Mary Weber had to make that a first time for me.

Okay I guess I better back up my thoughts on this opinion.

The first reason I didn’t enjoy the book is because the main character had such potential to be sweet and bitter at the same time without being really annoying and whiny. Unfortunately, I felt like the main character – whose name I’ve already forgotten – was just self pitying and a little too stupid for my liking. I’ve found her name now, its Nym. That’s gotta tell you something right?

The second reason is that I found the book was way to fast paced, to the point where it felt like you had missed a large section of the plot or something. There were many many times I had to go back and re-read chapters to try and wrap my head around how we had reached certain plot points. For example, we get told that there is a war going on, we get told who her enemy is and why but somehow it still doesn’t make a lot of sense?

The third reason I didn’t enjoy this book so much is that there was not enough descriptions. Anywhere. Let me elaborate on this for you – we get told Nym has white hair and its long, she has owner tattoos and is medium height BUT randomly she has a dodgy hand and we find out that a previous owner was the cause for it but never is it mentioned why she got hurt and disfigured in the first place. We’re also expected to know that a Ferret-cat or Oliphant is. There was not one extra descriptive sentence following the naming of those two animals. Just the names. We were just supposed to assume they looked like some hybrid of the real deal. If so, why not create a new name? Why misspell it if you can’t give me any extra information on what it looks like? Why, why, why?! Okay, as you can tell I got really cranky in that scene. I’ll move on.

But in spite of these few main issues I had, I somehow found myself wanting to read the book and finish it, because the world that the author had created had so much potential. I think that was what hooked me the most, is that the potential for this to be great was right there but it just fell short. By a mile. But still, I’ll be painfully reading the next two books in this series because I have this issue where I cannot start something without finishing it. I must read till the end! Even if I sit there for a week trying to force myself to finish it.

What did pleasantly surprise me at the end of the book was how Eogan’s and Nym’s lives had meshed together in some way before their official first meeting. I found that scene touching.

Even though I only rated this book a two, as I said before I will definitely still read the remaining books in the series.

With all my above thoughts, I’m now thinking that perhaps this is marketed as YA but is more children’s 15 and below. As an older reader I just found to many plot holes for my liking but perhaps a younger audience would enjoy and grasp it more.
Don’t hate me!
xoxo Book Dragon Ash

Talon by Julie Kagawa

Book Review : Talon by Julie Kagawa

Review by BookBonanzaReviews


Title : Talon

Author : Julie Kawaga

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Series : Book 1

Rating : 5 Stars

Dragons? Yes please!

When I first started this series I’d just finished her last series The Immortal Rules Trilogy which if you haven’t read it yet, is a vampire fulled action packed series that you must go and read now. Right now. So, when i read that series the whole world was still in their vampire craze/obsession so picking up a book that was about a completely different mythical creature was very refreshing. I was instantly intrigued and immediately captured but the world and characters both.

I normally don’t particularly like books that take place in modern day times, perhaps because I love my fantasy settings and it doesn’t feel so magical when they’re in a time and location I’m currently living in BUT that did not bother me in the slightest with this book.

I just loved that Julie gave her readers – again – something totally different to read than the norm!

If you haven’t read this book, the story follows our main character Ember, a dragon, who goes through her days pretending to be human by living in her non-natural form as a human girl when in fact her natural form is ten times the size, with big scaly wings and a tale and bright crimson red. Her whole life has been run and decided by the secret Dragon Empire referred to as Talon. When Ember’s path crosses with Riley’s, AKA Cobalt, a rogue dragon she begins to question everything she’s been told to believe. That’s as much as I’m willing to divulge without going into spoiler territory!

So, if you haven’t read this book, toodaloo!

Because Emher already had doubts about Talon it really didn’t take much prodding in my opinion for Riley/Cobalt to get her over to the dark side – rebel against the organisation. But mind you, apparently Riley/Cobalt is dark, mysterious and handsome so I guess it wouldn’t take much for anyone to follow him blindly right? Perhaps not the smartest but in book world, her actions are totally understandable!

What I did enjoy was the really empathetic characters that really made this book all that it was. As a reader we were able to understand completely why each character made certain decisions and you felt like you were experiencing every scene with them as them.

As the characters are all teenagers a few of the scenes are appropriately immature – parties and shopping at the mall etc – but surprisingly that didn’t seem to bother me at all. I didn’t even notice it until about, two seconds ago to be precise.

So as is common these days we have two teams to cheer for, team Garret and team Riley/Cobalt. I really was not sure who I like more because both male characters in this novel are pretty bad-ass and sexy and mysterious and well just hot. So Julie is really giving my heart a workout on trying to make a decision on this one.

For now I think I’ll sit on the fence a bit and just see how things pan out.

Okay, if I was held at gun point and forced to make a decision, I think I’ll choose Cobalt. Riley. You know what I mean!

What were your thoughts on this book? Let me know down below!

xoxo Book Dragon Ash

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Book Review : Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Review by BookBonanzaReviews


Title : Throne of Glassdownload

Author : Sarah J. Maas

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 5 Stars

Sarah J. Maas, thank you, thank you, thank you!

It is SO refreshing to have a heroine in a novel not be a victim for once but rather be able to fight back, save herself and just kick ass.


If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. If your after something fast paced and action packed this is perfect. If your looking for an entertaining read, this is the book for you. If you want something like Maria V Snyder and her amazing characters and writing style, I highly recommend you pick this book up. Yesterday.

The only thing I’ve noticed as I’m writing right now is that the beginning of Throne of Glass starts off very similar to the start of Poison Study, both heroines are prisoners, both have been betrayed or abused in some way and both have not lot their fire.

In this book we follow a main character that is a renowned assassin at a very young age, Celaena Sardothien. She is a captured and shamed criminal in the salt mines, one of the deadliest most feared prisoners within the camp. She is given the choice to her fight for her ‘some-what’ freedom as she competes with other thieves and assassins to become the Kings Champion and personal assassin. But another competitor for this position is cheating, rival champions are are turning up dead and signs suggest that there are other ulterior motives behind the killings than just becoming the Kings Champion.

When you have a novel filled with plot twists, action, romance and fantasy what more can you ask for?! This was one of the best books I’ve read in years. I can honestly say that this was a very refreshing read. The last time I loved a book this much was Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study series. Well anything Maria V Snyder!

What I enjoyed the most about this book was that the main character remained relatable. Even though she was a killer and cunning and smart, Sarah still managed to keep her enchanting without being overzealous. It’s not often in a book where the main character is not necessarily a model citizen but rather a bit of a delinquent.

I really enjoyed all the relationships built and created throughout this book, the all seemed genuine and honest. I liked the fact that both boys took her under their wing and protected her.

I know which team I’m cheering for though, do you?! Let me know who you’d rather win Celaena’s heart!

I’ll confess, this is a late review and I’ve already read every other book in the series! But I will give you my thoughts on the next soon!


xoxo Book Dragon Ash

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

Book Review : Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

Review by BookBonanzaReviews


Title : Frozen Tides

Author : Morgan Rhodes

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 5 Stars

Okay. Stop. Finally! I’m Excited!

If you have not read this book do not read my review because I am spoiling right now. I just can’t help myself. Besides, if you haven’t read books 1-3 yet there’s pretty nothing much I can say about this book without spoiling!

Last chance, if you haven’t read this, toodaloo!

Okay, I have been waiting for Cleo to finally open her eyes to Magnus since they were forced into a marriage they both didn’t want. Actually, let me rephrase that, I think since the first book I have been secretly pining for these two and hoping that they would get together. I thought from the start that they would make such a good couple, and look, what do you know. I was right! YAY we can now have a ‘Clegnus’ team!

I’ll admit that I was disappointed when Lysandra died protecting Jonas, only because I thought he deserved to be happy and she was a good support character but really, I don’t think I’ll miss her all that much! But I am looking forward to seeing how Jonas changes in the next book especially since Lucia changed so dramatically. I have a feeling he will come back fighting as always but I hope this time he actually succeeds in his revenge!

Lucia’s character went through an extreme character change – which I guess you can say was warranted, after loosing her Watcher and leaving her heartbroken and all – but I was sorely disappointed in the change and I found she just became ugly to me, for lack of better words! However, I found her relationship with the Fire Kindred to be a special bond which I originally thought would be good for them both but as I read I began to realise how sick and twisted the fire elemental actually was. Lets just say I let out a big breath and was extremely relieved to see her distance herself from him and gain some of her old self back.

All in all I loved this book, as I’ve loved all of Morgan Rhodes books, she is an author that I just can’t help but adore!

xoxo Book Dragon Ash