Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

Book Review : Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

Review by BookBonanzaReviews


Title : Frozen Tides

Author : Morgan Rhodes

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 5 Stars

Okay. Stop. Finally! I’m Excited!

If you have not read this book do not read my review because I am spoiling right now. I just can’t help myself. Besides, if you haven’t read books 1-3 yet there’s pretty nothing much I can say about this book without spoiling!

Last chance, if you haven’t read this, toodaloo!

Okay, I have been waiting for Cleo to finally open her eyes to Magnus since they were forced into a marriage they both didn’t want. Actually, let me rephrase that, I think since the first book I have been secretly pining for these two and hoping that they would get together. I thought from the start that they would make such a good couple, and look, what do you know. I was right! YAY we can now have a ‘Clegnus’ team!

I’ll admit that I was disappointed when Lysandra died protecting Jonas, only because I thought he deserved to be happy and she was a good support character but really, I don’t think I’ll miss her all that much! But I am looking forward to seeing how Jonas changes in the next book especially since Lucia changed so dramatically. I have a feeling he will come back fighting as always but I hope this time he actually succeeds in his revenge!

Lucia’s character went through an extreme character change – which I guess you can say was warranted, after loosing her Watcher and leaving her heartbroken and all – but I was sorely disappointed in the change and I found she just became ugly to me, for lack of better words! However, I found her relationship with the Fire Kindred to be a special bond which I originally thought would be good for them both but as I read I began to realise how sick and twisted the fire elemental actually was. Lets just say I let out a big breath and was extremely relieved to see her distance herself from him and gain some of her old self back.

All in all I loved this book, as I’ve loved all of Morgan Rhodes books, she is an author that I just can’t help but adore!

xoxo Book Dragon Ash


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