Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Book Review : Storm Siren by Mary Weber


Title : Storm Siren

Author : Mary Weber

Genre : YA, Fantasy

Rating : 2 Stars

Okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have liked.

I didn’t think that was possible. I’ve never NOT liked a book before. So suffice to say, I’m a little annoyed that Mary Weber had to make that a first time for me.

Okay I guess I better back up my thoughts on this opinion.

The first reason I didn’t enjoy the book is because the main character had such potential to be sweet and bitter at the same time without being really annoying and whiny. Unfortunately, I felt like the main character – whose name I’ve already forgotten – was just self pitying and a little too stupid for my liking. I’ve found her name now, its Nym. That’s gotta tell you something right?

The second reason is that I found the book was way to fast paced, to the point where it felt like you had missed a large section of the plot or something. There were many many times I had to go back and re-read chapters to try and wrap my head around how we had reached certain plot points. For example, we get told that there is a war going on, we get told who her enemy is and why but somehow it still doesn’t make a lot of sense?

The third reason I didn’t enjoy this book so much is that there was not enough descriptions. Anywhere. Let me elaborate on this for you – we get told Nym has white hair and its long, she has owner tattoos and is medium height BUT randomly she has a dodgy hand and we find out that a previous owner was the cause for it but never is it mentioned why she got hurt and disfigured in the first place. We’re also expected to know that a Ferret-cat or Oliphant is. There was not one extra descriptive sentence following the naming of those two animals. Just the names. We were just supposed to assume they looked like some hybrid of the real deal. If so, why not create a new name? Why misspell it if you can’t give me any extra information on what it looks like? Why, why, why?! Okay, as you can tell I got really cranky in that scene. I’ll move on.

But in spite of these few main issues I had, I somehow found myself wanting to read the book and finish it, because the world that the author had created had so much potential. I think that was what hooked me the most, is that the potential for this to be great was right there but it just fell short. By a mile. But still, I’ll be painfully reading the next two books in this series because I have this issue where I cannot start something without finishing it. I must read till the end! Even if I sit there for a week trying to force myself to finish it.

What did pleasantly surprise me at the end of the book was how Eogan’s and Nym’s lives had meshed together in some way before their official first meeting. I found that scene touching.

Even though I only rated this book a two, as I said before I will definitely still read the remaining books in the series.

With all my above thoughts, I’m now thinking that perhaps this is marketed as YA but is more children’s 15 and below. As an older reader I just found to many plot holes for my liking but perhaps a younger audience would enjoy and grasp it more.
Don’t hate me!
xoxo Book Dragon Ash

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