Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber

Book Review : Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber

22586972.jpgTitle : Siren’s Fury

Author : Mary Weber

Genre : Fantasy, YA

Rating : 2 Stars

This will be a spoiler free review!

If you’ve been following me you’ll know I wasn’t a really big fan of book one, in my review I mentioned that I had some issue’s with descriptions and I guess you could say writing style. But another reason I was disappointed when reading the first book was because the story had such potential to be amazing! I mean, the ‘elemental’s’ could have become a new ‘thing’ and I would have totally backed that. Unfortunately for me, the main character (the elemental) lacked that whole mystery and fantasy element for me and was just a bit dull.

But aside from that I had issues with descriptions. They’re more mental depictions than actual physical descriptions of what is happening which becomes quite confusing to understand. For instance we just get told things, they aren’t explained in any depth. We have to imagine what we are seeing ourselves instead of picturing the way its been described and that really grates me.

So book two was much of the same, with some similar issues as above. HOWEVER – 

Book two is a major step up from book one. So if you were like me and wanting to give up after book one, try book two as the writing definitely improved. The story-line is interesting but still lacks a certain amount of suspense, although surprisingly, the main character has improved to a point where she’s not so plane or annoying this time around. 

The ending was a little typical, only because I’ve noticed more recently that authors have been a little more daring and end their books on a bit of a win/loose but Weber played the ending of this book safely. It was just to typical. Good person wins against all the odds.

If you gave up on book one but have thought about finishing the series, because if your like me, you just have to, don’t worry, things improve. Slightly.

But not a lot but enough to be bearable.

On a positive note, I do love the world the author has created and the elements that she brought into it. I just wish it was executed differently.

Don’t hate me.

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