How to get Published

How to get Published


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Firstly, I’m not a published author – yet – so this is not a step by step to getting signed. This is just some information I’ve picked up over the years in the industry, learning how the many authors I talk to every day have reached their level of success. It can take years to get to the publishing point and there are a lot of things that need to be done prior to getting yourself out there so I thought I’d share some knowledge on what few steps you need to take and what you need to be doing before you submit your piece of art to be scrutinized by the professionals.

Writing a novel is no easy task. It doesn’t happen over night and if it did, I’m sorry but you will still spend months perfecting it if you want to be taken seriously. This is a job, yes it can be a hobby but if you want to get signed for publication it is a job and like any job they expect you to be able to do it right.

The very first thing I recommend doing is research and plenty of it. How to write a short synopsis and a long synopsis, character descriptions and summaries just how to write your book in general really. You need all this to properly build your world and backdrop for your creation. Also, it’s something you’ll have to do if you got signed anyway, editors are pretty amazing but they are not mind readers and they need to know where the story is headed, what spurs your characters actions and what they look like. This all enables them to do their job and do it thoroughly and if they need this to do it thoroughly, why wouldn’t you?

It’s important to know where your story is headed so that you get the most out of your pages. You don’t want pages full of useless filler and you don’t want all the information palmed off in the first few chapters either. It’s an art to be able to reach that middle ground.

I get so many calls about manuscript submissions form unsolicited authors and it’s great to know so many of you are out there but it’s also strange that many of them have not done any research. They have no idea what the difference is between solicited and unsolicited authors, what a synopsis is or even how to find a literary agent. My answer is, Google. Don’t go calling publishing houses, they only give you their customer service line, the customer service teams aren’t the ones who read your manuscript, they are the ones that distribute it to their customers. The ones who make the big shots are up in head office and they are called publishers, they’re editors who have studied the craft of writing and that is why I say, do your research. Perfect your novel, don’t hand it in half finished. Most author’s have not done Uni, and you don’t need to, but the people who mark your work have studied for years to learn how to dig through the dirt and find the gold.

Get a professional editor to help you re-structure your work, copy edit and provide feedback.

This is not a cheap thing to do but personally, unless your great at English and just bloody lucky there is going to be grammatical errors in your work, plot holes and structural issues. All author’s face these problems because they know what they’re talking about but their audience does not. Novels need to be written in a way that allows the reader to know everything they need to but nothing of what will happen. Editors help you achieve this, they fix all those issues and get it submission ready. They don’t come cheap but the investment for those who are determined to get published is well worth it.

Lastly, the final bit of advice I will give is to find an agent. Don’t call the publisher yourself, there is people out there who have contacts much higher than you’ll ever get by calling the customer service line. There is a reason there is such a thing as a literary agent and that is because unless you want to self publish, you need them. They negotiate your contracts to get you the best royalties they can, they get your book out there and into the hands of the people who decide if your book is worth a short and most importantly, they are your strongest advocates. They are the ones that back you and support you and guide you through the maze of publishing.

If your an aspiring author check out the below links. They should help you get a little more knowledge on processes and requirements.

Snowflake Method

Australian Literary Agents’s Association

The NSW Writers Center

How to get Published

Till next time bookies,

xoxo Book Dragon Ash








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