Distractions and Proclamations

So I’ve been extremely quiet this month…


Wow, I’ve had a break from this from way too long. I’ve missed you all! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and spent it with friends and family. 

I’m sorry guys. Christmas was hectic and O’ boy was I distracted and busy this holiday. It was our first Christmas in our new home and my first time hosting such a big family gathering and I think I did alright! We ate left overs for days and presents were coming by the dozen. But I had been meaning to stay active over the silly season I just didn’t realize how busy I would be. Unfortunately that also meant that I had been on track all year for my goal of 50 books (almost 1 a week) up until December where everything crumbled to dust. I only reached 45 which I don’t think was to bad but still, I’m sitting here kicking myself so being so close! Next year I really want to push myself to reach my reading challenge.

What was your reading goal for this year? I’d love to know what you set it at and how close you got or if you met it!

If you read my How to get Published post you’ll know I work in the book publishing industry and that I am an aspiring author. I know the basic steps to publishing and yes have a few contacts. BUT that does not mean I’ve got it easier than anyone else when it comes to actually getting successfully published. So I’ve got a half completed manuscript that I really am not sure is any good. I mean, think its good but that’s me. I really want to know what an outsider thinks. Whether a reader would enjoy what I’ve spent hours slaving over. If I’ve got a ramshackle piece of art or something that will never see its way out of the slush pile.


So I’ve been thinking, perhaps a way to get some feedback would be from those who do the reading, after all, you are the ones who I need to impress. Unfortunately I am not quite finished yet and have not had the money to put into a professional editor yet, so what I have is an unfinished unedited story that is in need of a make over. But if a few of you are open to checking out the first 50 pages I would love to get some feedback. From story-line, to character depth to world building. I would like to know what it’s missing, I can see that there is something lacking but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

So that my friends is why I have been way to quite on my blog this past month. Christmas was way too busy and my book has taken almost every other free moment of my time. To the point where all I’ve done is eat, write, scrap, re-write, curse, write, hit my head against the wall and re-write.

So would any of your like to help out a friend in need? I promise I’ll get back to reviewing books as soon as I’ve moved past this writers block!

Don’t forget to hit follow if you’d like to keep updated for when I post new rambling blogs! I also have a YouTube  channel if you’d like to check it out because of course, every little bit helps!

Thank you for reading!

Till next time,

xoxo Book Dragon Ash

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