Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen

Title : Stolen Songbird  Author : Danielle L. Jensen Series : The Malediction Trilogy  Genre : YA, Fantasy  Rating : Four Stars

I know we all say, never judge a book by its cover but lets all be honest here. Secretly we all do. So I’ll admit, for me, this cover didn’t do much to inspire. Don’t get me wrong, the cover is good but I must admit, it had me on edge thinking this book might be a waist of my time. I don’t say that to be rude (that’s just not my style) but compared to other titles published over the last 5 years the cover seemed to be very dated so I just assumed this was written by some new, unproven and upcoming author that might not have the most experienced designers on hand. 

But I was so very wrong. This book is so catchy I crave to know more.

Not only that but the cover ties in with elements of the book so well and now that I’ve read it, it all makes so much sense. 

I finished this book in two days, unable to take my eyes away from the magical pages. Danielle L. Jensen has managed to create a world that is interesting, intriguing, confusing, ugly, beautiful and frightening and I love it. I will stop right here and point out that the story line is – inward cringe can’t believe I’m saying this – typical. That is not to say anything bad about the book, it is unique and believable and so well written that you feel every word on the page as if it was you BUT, it is your typical beauty fell in love with the beast type of story. That didn’t bother me in the slightest though, I knew Tristan and Cecile were destined to fall in love and I kind of liked that predictability. It gave you something to look forward to!

What I liked about Stolen Songbird was that it jumped right into the story, straight away we met the characters, got their backgrounds and then were thrown into the midst of the story. There was no annoyingly prolonged introductions and we got to get right down to the dirty right away. YES. I love that. I absolutely detest it when authors drag out the inevitable to the point where its unbearable or just plan over the top. This was the absolute opposite. 


The only thing that really got me, the only thing that had me thinking uh that’s not a normal reaction was when Cecile was told she was going to be married off to a Prince. Her immediate reaction was somewhat normal, annoyed, angry and scared but then she just sat down, let herself be washed, polished and made up, shoved in a dress and ushered down the aisle. No kicking, screaming, punching, biting, cursing, crying, wailing, nothing. I found that a touch odd myself but perhaps people react differently in different situations. But all that said, it was still in character to Cecile, at the time she was more timid than a fighter anyway and I didn’t find that scene annoying or fake, her reaction just unexpected. I actually really enjoyed the scene despite all the above things. It’s unusual to get what you secretly desire in a book so soon and I loved being given what I wanted right away. I read each page like a greedy little child with a bucket of ice-cream. I’m weird I know, who wants to be kidnapped, shoved underground where nightmares hide, forced into marriage to a stranger and then held as a hostage with no hope of escape? Me. I love stories where we all know they will eventually fall in love.

Everything after that point was realistic to me, their tentative peace, slow relationship building, the friendships developing between all the characters and their personalities each unique.

3d8f12851929cc112e3c7acc75be4da6I found the bonding between Tristan and Cecile really interesting, that was something I hadn’t really read about before. I love it when an author creates something new for me! When Tristan saves Cecile form the flesh eating monsters and nearly dies and then again when he is running through the same cave’s trying to get Cecile out of the mountain and to help, to save her life I was flipping the pages holding my breath. I found those scenes so real, so emotional and with the time it took to build their relationship from mistrust, unsteady alliance and then love, I was captivated by the depth of their emotions for one another. And can I just say, it was completely crazy, a totally love blind decision on Tristan’s part to start a riot all to save Cecile, dooming many to their deaths for the sole reason to save her? And I lapped every second of it up – I have serious issues guys – it was intoxicating and I just want to see more of that crazy love stuff!

All throughout this book I sat there reading thinking that there is so many connections between the trolls and the fae. I felt like there were so many similarities between the two, magic, strength, healing, viciousness but what made me think, there’s more to this than we are being told was when the naming thing got dropped. I immediately began to believe that they were not trolls but rather fae. – I’ve already begun book two and I can’t remember if we found out the yes or no answer to this in book one or two, naughty blogger I am didn’t note it down so I’ll get into that in my review of book two 🙂 

The fact that such powerful beings could be cursed to a tiny section of the world was interesting, the power it would have taken from the witch would have been astronomical so I’m interested to see how that comes to light in the next book. I really want to know more about the curse, how it came to pass. Especially since we found out that a witch couldn’t have brought the mountain down upon them, only a troll could. So who brought it down? And what made the witch then curse them to an existence underground?!

I must admit, when Anais was first introduced I immediately took a dislike to her, but who didn’t? I think we were supposed to! But when Marc told Cecile not to judge her so easily without knowing her I immediately felt bad. We knew Marc was so caring and trustworthy that I found myself questioning my earlier assumptions. Then in those final scenes I couldn’t believe all the injustice’s she endured. A cold father, a hopeless one sided love, misunderstood by everyone and a health condition that made her unfit for a union she most wanted and then a death she didn’t deserve after her and Cecile had just begun to build a friendship by staying true to her devotion to Tristan and their cause. It was insanely unjust and I couldn’t believe that she ended the way she did. I felt a huge amount of respect for her character in her final moments and I was so very glad that Tristan gave her the thanks and goodbye she deserved.

I loved this book, I’ve already almost finished the second and I can’t wait to do my review on that. I’m definitely a Danielle L. Jenson fan girl now. This book was a superbly written, thoroughly descriptive, wholly realistic and very emotive book. I highly recommend this book if you want a addictive, busy, unique read that is full of brilliant characters, scheming Princes and passionate encounters. This book truly has everything in it.

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4 thoughts on “Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen

    1. It is definitely a decent read! I enjoyed it. I had a few key issues which you can go back and read after if you want but they were minor and didn’t bother me all that much. I really liked Tristan and Cecile in this book, perhaps more than I did in the other two! I think it’s worth the read!


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