Warrior Witch by Danielle L Jensen

Title: Warrior Witch   Author: Danielle L Jensen   Series: The Malediction Trilogy   Genre: YA, Fantasy   Rating: Four Stars

Oh my, my heart is a sobby mess.

Firstly, I really don’t know why this series is called The Malediction Trilogy. Where did Malediction come from? Have I missed some crucial piece of information? I would have thought this series would be named Trollus Chronicles or Witch Trials or something. Can someone explain this for me?

three coversAside from my complete lack of knowledge on the name of the series, I really love these books. I’ve been hooked since book one where I was completely taken aback, if you read my review on Stolen Songbird you’ll know that the cover had me on edge, whoever thought these were good covers needs a wallop. I’ve never seen a more ugly covered series in all my life. BUT I am definitely a big fan of Danielle  Jensen. I love the depth of characters and the world that’s been created and the scheming by god the scheming. There is so much plotting and planning from so many sides happening in this novel!

There were so many touching moments in this novel I found my heart being wrenched from my chest and then put back in haphazardly with a band-aid so many times. I’ll admit, I find that Tristan and Cecile annoy me most of the time, I love them together and am definitely on their team but by god they are awfully stubborn and  quite often annoying. I actually liked Tristan more than Cecile in this book. Cecile was a little bit silly at times and a touch rude here or there. I found Tristan was more dedicated and loyal and  felt the reality and pressures of what was occurring more than Cecile did.

Now there are two reasons this book was given four stars.

The first reason I deducted half a star was because I noticed a handful of spelling errors or missing words like ‘if’, ‘do’ or ‘it’. Joining words. It really threw me and ruined the spell the rest of the book had put me under. I found this was the same thing I noticed in the other book I read recently, The Queen of Blood and I honestly don’t believe that in this day and age it should be happening. The other book was an award winning published author of ten other titles, this book is not however, so many qualified editors work on these manuscripts and with word showing you most of your errors and then having a professional work on this for months with you I just don’t think more than one or two errors is acceptable.

The second reason I deducted half a star was because I had a few to many issues with Cecile as a character in this book. There were a few scene’s I was cringing in and as I mentioned above I found Tristan’s character more noble and smart than I did Cecile’s.

Perhaps I’m being a touch unfair with my next comments but hey, there was one other reason I rated this four and not five stars. I didn’t like the ending. *bring on the angry mob* I know that I am a minority here, most of the people I’ve talked to or read reviews from have loved the sobby, tear jerking ending and honestly, it was executed so well. I It was so real I found myself crying and heartbroken but I also found myself cursing and swearing at the injustices of it.   It was touching and realistic, you can’t win every war right? But the reason I didn’t like it is because 30 years, 30 YEARS passed and yes they found a way to be together in the end but Tristan who I liked more than Cecile missed out on so bloody much. The only reason Cecile was able to go into the Fey domain was because of their bond. Their son will never make it over to them. I hate knowing that even though it wasn’t suggested in the slightest my mind jumped to their son who will never have a relationship with his father.

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