Assassin’s Heart By Sarah Ahiers

Title: Assassin’s Heart  Author: Sarah Ahiers
Series: Assassin’s Heart   Genre: YA, Fantasy
Rating: Four Stars

WARNING this book will contain spoilers. Sorry not sorry.

For a debut novel this is just unreal. I have to say that I am so impressed.assassinsheart two.jpg

Assassin’s Heart is a fast paced, action packed, thrilling story that somehow crosses
fantasy and reality together. Normally in the many fantasy books I’ve read over the years they are all set in a extremely otherworldly dimension this novel however is set in a world that is relatively normal and human, the only difference is the culture and touch of magic that manifests itself in ghosts and gods.

The world and how unique it is was to your normal run of the mill fantasy was almost enough for me to love it instantly.

Sarah Ahiers writing technique is descriptive and thorough, there is not one detail that is left out of a scene whether it be emotion or physical. She’s also extremely suspenseful and in so many scene’s I found myself holding my breath. And to top it off she’s just brough forth some really new idea’s. SOOO many cool things were happening in this book. 

Normally I hate books that blubber on about religion and gods too much, but in this book those topics were only touched on where necessary for the story. I also liked that Ahiers made the Gods and Goddess’s real, they worshiped them not because they were a figment of their imagination but because they had proof that they existed. For example Safraella pushed the ghosts out of the city, offered people a way to pass on without becoming a ghost and was able to reincarnate.

Lea was a great character, she was smart and funny and made mistakes yet, but most importantly did not carry the dreaded pet character flaw, stupidity. Her mistakes were human errors not dumb decisions. 

I really enjoyed learning about this new world and the way it functions and I loved that Ahiers was able to use a book trend such as assassins and turn it into a completely individual novel. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but since Throne of Glass, there has been some pretty horrific rip offs of assassins and fae stories lately so this was refreshing.

Even though I already knew it was coming, I was disappointed at how weak Val’s character was. He started of very likable and sweet, I was fooled at the start myself thinking maybe he tried to prevent it from happening and is being held captive by his own family but it was made clear that his character was an indecisive, self absorbed, asshole whose selfish decisions had so many consequences. 

Assassinsheart one.jpgI’ve noticed something about Ahiers, she is fond of her three letter names, Lea, Val and Les..

I’m not going to harp on about Les too much but he was a strong character and definitely contributed to the plot in a positive way. I think that he was necessary for Lea to grow and develop in the book which I feel is vital, if a character has no room for growth and development, what are we even reading? Besides he was cute.

I really can’t fault much about this book and I’m trying to figure out why I only gave this book four stars and not five and I can’t remember. I’m a naughty blogger and hate taking notes, it kills my jam. But for now I’ll just say that I loved this book and the only reason it got a four stars is because well… I save fives for stories that blow my mind.

I will say though, that Assassin’s Heart ended beautifully, it’s not often that I can read a standalone book and be satisfied with the ending and I’d thought this was a standalone book. I truely would have been content to leave the story with the way it ended because it was touching. I didn’t want it to end because the world and characters are amazing and there is still so much that can be done with it so I was so excited to find out when writing this review that it is actually a series!! yay!

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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Title: Heartless  Author: Marissa Meyer  Genre: Fantasy, YA, Retelling   Rating: Two Stars

WARNING there will be spoilers. Sorry not sorry.

Okay I’ll admit, I was totally under prepared for this book.

I knew this was an Alice in Wonderland retelling but I didn’t realize how much I dislike Alice in Wonderland until I read this book. I’ll give you an example, for instance, I just had to question google about whether it was Alice IN Wonderland or Alice AND Wonderland… Mhmm. I guess its not my favorite fairy tale. I’ve also just realized that this retelling is actually the story of how hearts got their crazy queen and not about Alice herself.. Either I’m not as much of a book worm as I thought or this book just sucks and I’m just no good with retelling’s.

This book is fairly well written and the characters are each interesting, even the story itself was intriguing, but – there was always a but coming – I really did not enjoy this book.

I’m not sure if my problem lay in the Alice in Wonderland retelling issue and that I’m not a big fan of that fairy tale or if it’s a bigger issue about the actual story, execution and plot. You see aside from the actual world that this novel takes place in I’m not wholly sure how this is an Alice in Wonderland retelling, my memories of Alice in Wonderland are scarce and that’s probably one of my issues. BUT I feel like if I’m picking up a standalone book, whether it’s a retelling or not, I should be able to read it from start to finish without getting confused. I got utterly lost all throughout this novel which really began to tick me off because I liked the characters and the setting which was surprising. I found as a reader that in some scenes I would get detail overload and in others I would get such a lack of information that I couldn’t make sense of the scene.

I adored Jest and loathed Catherine which is a terrible combination in a book. I just found Catherine to be boring, stupid and frustratingly annoying. Every decision she made I found really unintelligent – to put it nicely – and the last few scenes just threw the dirt on the coffin of this book for me.

Heartless two

When Jest was decapitated I almost screamed in annoyance because he was the only decent thing about this book and he only died because she made yet another stupid decision that literally everyone had warned her not to do. Her excuses for going through the door into Peter the pumpkin eaters door were mediocre at best. For me Jest died in the most undignified way, he deserved to die with his head on his shoulders. But I guess it ties in with the whole “Off with his head!” mantra, again not my cup of tea.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t bother reading the last 30-40 pages because I was so angry and felt that the only good thing about this book had just been literally axed so knowing that it ended badly I just skipped to the last page and read that. I guess I can’t say too much on the ending because I didn’t read the whole thing but it was morbid. I don’t always need a happily ever after however I do need some sort of purpose or point to the books I read, some sort of goal by the character or theme of growth and development from the author and I just felt like this book fell short of all my expectations in every way.

I’ve not yet read Marissa Meyer’s other books, Cinder and such and I’m currently on the bench deciding if I should bother giving them a go. If any one of you can convince me otherwise please do! I’ve read so many good reviews on her other series so maybe this was just a one off flip for me?

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